ERI Working Paper

ESRI Research Paper No.71-No.78
No.78 Policy Based Finance in Russia
Mokhova Natalia March, 2000
No.77 An Analysis of the Currency and Financial Crisis in Russia
Bolkhovitina Elena March, 2000
No.76 How to charge public utilities for efficient allocation of resources in Russia
Marina Urievna Ukolova April, 1999
No.75 Condition, problems and prospects of development of Russian economy at a new stage of reforms
Aleksandr Borisovich Vladimirov April, 1999
No.74 Improving and utilizing economic indicators of Russia
Yuri Vladimirovich Beletski April, 1999
No.73 Permanent crisis in Russia: Selected problems of the macroeconomic performance
Evgeny Gavrilenkov March, 1999
No.72 Prices in the Russian economy: Concept of reforms versus real mechanism of crisis development
Mikhail Yurievich Ksenofontov March, 1999
No.71 Transition to market economies in former centrally planned countries: A case of Vietnam
Duong Thi Nguyet January, 1999
ESRI Research Paper No.61-No.70
No.70 Capital flows, crisis and adjustment: The case of Brazil
Paulo Mansur Levy November, 1998
No.69 Debt and financial instability in Korea
Kim Joon-Kyung November, 1998
No.68 Financial market segments development with reference to Japan, perspectives in Armenia
Armine Khachatryan June, 1998
No.67 Recent economic development and fiscal performance of Estonia in 1995-1997
Mai Talvik June, 1998
No.66 Estonian foreign trade in the framework of integration into the world economy
Alari Purju June, 1998
No.64 The eighth national economic and social development plan and current economic adjustment and indicators for monitoring and evaluation of the eighth plan
Wichayayuth Boonchit et al. March, 1998
No.63 Foreign direct investment in Mongolia, Focusing on Japan's role
Davaadorjiin Delgertsogt March, 1998
No.62 The Brazilian economy-1980/97: From hyper-inflation to stabilization
Claudio Monteiro Considera March, 1998
No.61 Chilean and Japanese health insurance systems: An overview
Viviano Esteban Carrasco Zambrano March, 1998
ESRI Research Paper No.51-No.60
No.60 Long-term economic development with consideration to the changes of policies and factors in the Russian economy
Galina E. MASLOVSKAYA February, 1998
No.59 Dynamics and structure of production as result of economic reforms
Alexey V. KOLTSOV February, 1998
No.58 Comparison between Russia and other economies in transition
Vladimir N. VOLKOV February, 1998
No.57 Economic outlook of Polish economy for 1998
Witold Skrok et al. November, 1997
No.56 Asian regional economic development: How important have economic policies been?
Moreno Bertoldi September, 1997
No.54 Korea's efforts in official development assistance
Ho-Chul Lee March, 1997
No.53 A characterization of the Chilean national system of innovation
Jose Miguel Benavente H March, 1997
No.52 Privatization in Russia: Announced success and real failure
Nikologorskiy Dmitriy Yurevich February, 1997
No.51 Russian enterprises: System failure and external problems
Yaroslav Kouzimnov February, 1997
ESRI Research Paper No.41-No.50
No.50 Financial stabilization in Russia on 1992-1995: Policy and results
Alexey Ulyukaev February, 1997
No.49 Thailand's development strategies and prospects for the twenty-first century
Athipat Bamroong February, 1997
No.48 Structural Adjustment in Indonesian Economy
Arief Ramelan Karseno February, 1997
No.47 Long-term economic growth strategy
Abelin Alexander Pavlovich November, 1996
No.46 Review of economic relations between Russia and Japan, in particular future relations between the Russia Far East and the Asia-Pacific region
Varlamov Victor Sergeevich November, 1996
No.45 Economic policies for macroeconomic stabilization and sustainable economic growth in Russia
(an experience of radical reforms in Russia)

Volkov Vladimir Nikolaevich November, 1996
No.44 Moral hazards in Japan's main bank system
Luke Gower October, 1996
No.43 The japanese labour system -A critical analysis-
David M. Berry July, 1995
No.42 The transition to market oriented economy case of Romania -The present facts and situations-
Cernei Florin OVIDIU June, 1995
No.41 Implications of G.A.T.T. on the Philippine agriculture sector
Doreen Carla E. Erfe June, 1995
ESRI Research Paper No.31-No.40
No.40 Government plan of financial stabilization for Russia in 1995
Andrei ILLARIONOV May, 1995
No.39 Currency market, exchange rate and macroeconomic situation of Russia in 1994
Lubov D. DOLZHENKOVA April, 1995
No.38 AFTA, WTO and Philippine SMEs
Manuel D. Cantos October, 1994
No.36 Chile's structural adjustment: relevant policy lessons for Latin America
Luis A. Riveros May, 1994
No.35 Economic reform in Poland, 1989-1993(Structural transformation)
Jerzy J Kropiwnicki March, 1994
No.34 Some theoretico-empirical aspects of a transition economy
Sambuugin Demberel March, 1994
No.33 Economic reforms in Mongolia
Lkhagvagiin Demberel March, 1994
No.32 Regional cooperation between Thailand and Indochina area
Pruittiporn Nakornchai March, 1994
No.31 Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
-A Lesson from Financial Deregulation in Indonesia-

ESRI Research Paper No.21-No.30
No.30 Korea's economic development strategy and economic policy direction of the new government
Sung-Taik HAN August, 1993
No.29 A note on the Chinese economy: Current conditions and prospects
Yasuko Takayanagi July, 1993
No.28 Development in Chile: Some facts and thoughts
Felipe G. Morande July, 1993
No.27 Recession, restructuring and recovery
-What Japanese experience suggests to the romanian economy-

Shoichi Kojima June, 1993
No.26 Conditions for a successful economic reform in Indochina and the role of Thailand
Somsak Tambunlertchai June, 1993
No.25 Philippines: Macroeconomic agenda and prospects for the medium term
Charito D. Arriola May, 1993
No.24 The 1993-1998 Medium-Term development plan; its finacial resources requirements
Edita A. Tan May, 1993
No.23 Patterns and effects of financial sector reform in Indonesia
Mubariq Ahmad May, 1993
No.22 Rapid growth and step by step reform in China
Ning Jizhe May, 1993
No.21 Reform of macroeconomic policy in Cambodia
Chhieng Yanara May, 1993
ESRI Research Paper No.11-No.20
No.20 The Russian economy: Present problems and prospects for reconstruction
Vitali G. Shvydko May, 1993
No.19 Ukraine: The road to national statehood creation
Igor Bourakovskii May, 1993
No.18 Economic reforms in Belarus: present and future
Alexander N. Potantsev May, 1993
No.17 Economic reforms in Czechoslovakia
Vratislav IZAK May, 1993
No.16 Deepen the economic reform and opening market
Tie Jun Lee February, 1993
No.15 Economic Reforms in Russia Present and Future
Eugene E. Gavrilenkov November, 1992
No.14 Mongolian reforming process to a market economy
Budsuren Tumen November, 1992
No.13 Some issues on privatization and policies for promoting export of Vietnam
Dinh Thi Chinh November, 1992
No.12 The structure and function of distribution industry in Korea
Lee Jae-Hyung November, 1992
No.11 Monetary policies and money markets in Indonesia
Masaaki Komatsu July, 1992
ESRI Research Paper No.01-No.10
No.10 Experience of East Asian Newly Industrializing Economies
Fumihira Nishizaki May, 1992
No.09 An Introduction of the Market Mechanism into the CIS Economy
Katsuhiro Miyamoto April, 1992
No.08 Possible lesson for the transition to a market economy and durable economic growth with the reference to the postwar Japanese economy
Akira SADAHIRO April, 1992
No.07 Savings in Asian Developing Countries-
What Measures Could be Taken to Stimulate Private Savings in Thailand?

Jun Saito September, 1991
No.06 Social security and social network in Japan
Shuzo Nishimura April, 1992
No.05 Structure of the economy and financial policy:
The role of structural policy in realizing market-oriented reforms

Mikhail Y. Ksenofontov April, 1992
No.04 The Japanese economy during the era of high economic growth retrospect and evaluation
Akira Sadahiro July, 1991
No.03 A perspective on Philippine economic performance and development strategies
Josef T. Yap July, 1991
No.02 Retrospects and prospects of Thailand's economic development
Somchai Jitsuchon July, 1991
No.01 Industrial transition and policies in the development process of the Korean economy
Park Joon Kyung July, 1991