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Examination Survey

A summary

  • Purpose : Analysis of the impact on the indices by the survey method change
  • Survey period : July 2012 to March 2013
  • Survey Area : same as main survey
  • Survey Coverage : 2,040 households (households of more than two-persons were 1,428, one-person households were 612) , sampled using same method as main survey.
  • Survey method : mail survey method
    Specifically, the first month, investigators visit households to ask for cooperation in this survey; if the households agree to cooporate, the investigators hand out a questionnare and then come back to retrieve it later. After second month, another questionnare is mailed to the households. Households then fill it out and send mail it back.

Data of examination survey

table 1 Consumer Confidence Index and Consumer Perception Indices(Households of two or more persons, original series)

Examination survey data (CCI, original)

table 2 Consumer Confidence Index and Consumer Perception Indices(Households of two or more persons,seasonally adjusted series)

Examination survey data (CCI, seasonally adjusted)

table 3 Price expectations a year ahead(Households of two or more persons)

Examination survey data (Price expectations, excluding one-person households)

table 4 Price expectations a year ahead(one-person households)

Examination survey data (Price expectations, one-person households)

table 5 Price expectations a year ahead(all households)

Examination survey data (Price expectations, all households)

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