ESRI International Conference for International
Collaboration Projects 2018/2019
Empirical Analysis on Issues toward Strengthening Japan's Potential Growth and Revitalizing the Economy

Economic and Social Research Institute
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

1.Research Issues

This project aims to research various issues regarding realizing Japan's sustainable and strong economic growth, and how those issues could be addressed by looking into both the supply and demand sides of the economy. The research had been conducted under two working groups: "strengthening potential growth: human resources, human capital, and innovation (WG1)" and "revitalizing the economy: Japanese firms and households facing structural challenges (WG2)".

2.System of the Research

WG1 : Chair of the Research
KAWAGUCHI Daiji (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
WG2 : Chair of the Research
SHIOJI Etsuro (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)

3.Thesis of the Research

WG1 : Strengthening Potential Growth: Human Resources, Human Capital, and Innovation

Activation of Economy: Human Capital and Innovation
KAWAGUCHI Daiji (The University of Tokyo)
Change in the Structure of Corporate Governance and its Effects on Human Capital Investment
KITAGAWA Akiomi (Tohoku University)
Wage Premiums by College and Postgraduate Major
YASUI Kengo (Aoyama Gakuin University)
The Analysis of the Firm–provided Training in Japan –Synergistic Effect of OJT and OFF–JT–
TODA Akihito (Keio University)
Human Resources Management Using Scores for Cognitive and Non–cognitive Abilities
INUI Tomohiko (Gakushuin University)
KODAMA Naomi (Nihon University)
SONODA Tomoki (Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd)
YOKOYAMA Izumi (Hitotsubashi University)
NAITO Jun (Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd)
NITA Mitsuhiko (Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd)
Measuring Mismatch in Japanese Labor Market
KAWATA Keisuke (The University of Tokyo)
Family Friendly Policies and Flexible Work Arrangement in Japan:
What Makes them Effective in Improving Women’s Advancement?
KUROSAWA Masako (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

WG2 : Revitalizing the Economy: Japanese Firms and Households facing Structural Challenges

Economic Revitalization: Japanese Households and Firms Facing Structural Challenges
SHIOJI Etsuro (Hitotsubashi University)
Bequest Motives and the Saving Behavior of the Elderly: Empirical Evidence from a Japanese Household Survey
HAMAAKI Junya (Hosei University)
HORI Masahiro (Hitotsubashi University)
Abenomics, the Housing Market, and Consumption
Joshua K. HAUSMAN (University of Michigan)
UNAYAMA Takashi (Hitotsubashi University)
Johannes F. WIELAND (University of California, San Diego)
The Puzzle of the Gap between Strong Corporate Profits and Weak Capital Investment in Japan
TANAKA Kenji (Research Institute of Capital Formation, Development Bank of Japan)
On the Performance of the Cross–border M&As by Japanese Firms
KOIBUCHI Satoshi (Chuo University)
GOTO Mizuki (Hitotsubashi University)
Cash Holdings: Evidence from Firm–Level Big Date in Japan
HOSONO Kaoru (Gakushuin University)
MIYAGAWA Daisuke (Hitotsubashi University)
TAKIZAWA Miho (Gakushuin University)
Firm–level Uncertainty and Cash Holding: Theory and Firm–level Empirical Evidence
Aubhik KHAN (The Ohio State University)
SENGA Tatsuro (Queen Mary University of London)