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Thank you very much for visiting the Website of the Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office.
If you want to be notified every time new data is registered on the Website, please register your e-mail address on the "ESRI E-mail Service" Registration page below.

Please take note of the following terms and conditions when using this service.

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is provided through an external e-mail transmission service. The data you send to apply for this service is protected by SSL.
  • The ESRI will do its utmost to control and protect the data registered in this e-mail service. The ESRI will use the registered data only as reference material to create Web pages and for no other purposes, except when disclosure of the data is required by law.
  • Even if an e-mail has not reached you due to an IT problem (delay or loss of e-mail,etc.), the ESRI will not resend the e-mail.
  • If e-mails were undeliverable due to a delivery error for multiple times, the ESRI will count the e-mail address as invalid and cancel the registration.
  • Your security software and e-mail client may cause e-mails from ESRI to be deleted. Please set your email system to receive e-mails from in advance.
  • The ESRI reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this e-mail service after giving advance notice on the ESRI Website.
  • The ESRI is not responsible for any problems that is related to the use, suspension, delay or discontinuation of this service.

E-mail Address Registration and Cancellation

  • If you want to register for this e-mail service, please click the "ESRI E-mail Service" registration page below and complete the registration process. After that, the e-mail service system sends a provisional registration e-mail to you. Please click the URL on the provisional registration e-mail and complete the registration according to the content. If you completed the registration successfully, then you will receive an e-mail to notify it.
  • In order to delete the registered data, please input the e-mail address from the "ESRI E-mail Service" cancellation page below.
  • If you want to modify your registered information including e-mail address, firstly, please delete the registered data through the "ESRI E-mail Service" cancellation page, then, register new information through "ESRI E-mail Service" registration page.

"ESRI E-mail Service" Registration

Register your e-mail address and you will be notified every time a new item is registered.

"ESRI E-mail Service" Cancellation

The e-mail service will be cancelled.