Machinery Orders in September, 2019 and Forecast for Oct.-Dec. 2019


  1. The total value of machinery orders received by 280 manufacturers operating in Japan decreased by 18.7% in September from the previous month on a seasonally adjusted basis. In July-September period it increased by 3.1% compared with the previous quarter.
    Private-sector machinery orders, excluding volatile ones for ships and those from electric power companies, decreased a seasonally adjusted by 2.9% in September, and showed fell by 3.5% in July-September period.

  2. In the October-December period the total amount of machinery orders was forecasted to increase by 2.8% and private-sector orders, excluding volatile ones, were forecasted to rise by 3.5% from the previous quarter respectively. This forecast was basically made by summing up the figures from 280 machinery manufacturers.

Table: Percentage Change from Previous Quarter(month)


Chart-1 Total Value of Machinery Orders and Chart-2 Private Sector (exc. Volatile Orders)
Table-1 Machinery Orders by Sectors
Table-2 Percentage Change by Industrial Classification in Private Sector