ESRI Research Note

Most of them are written in Japanese only.
Issues containing papers written in English are listed below.

ESRI Research Note No.19.No27.No.33.No.34.No.51
No.51 Business cycle asymmetry: Evidence from Japan's decade-long deflationopen pdf in new window (PDF-Format 400 KB)
Satoshi Urasawa, March 2020
No.34 Quality and Cost of Health Care in Japan -Quality-Cost Trade-off and Cost-Benefit Analysis-open pdf in new window (PDF-Format 1.83 MB)
Shigeru Sugihara, Koichi Kawabuchi, Yasuko Ikemoto, and Ikumi Imamura, July 2017
No.33 Measuring Health Care Outputopen pdf in new window (PDF-Format 2.64 MB)
Shigeru Sugihara, Koichi Kawabuchi,Yasuko Ikemoto, and Ikumi Imamura, July 2017
No.27 Japan's High-Growth Postwar Period: The Role of Economic Plansopen pdf in new window (PDF-Format 1.83 MB)
Shinji Yoshioka, Hirofumi Kawasaki, August 2016
No.19 Japan's Bubble, Deflation, and Long-term Stagnation -Review of An Oral History Study-open pdf in new window (PDF-Format 230 KB)
Tomohiro Ishikawa, September 2011