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Some of the materials below are not for sale or are out of print. If you want to obtain the full text of such materials, please ask the Department of Information and Research Cooperation, ESRI

Economic Analysis

"Economic Analysis" contains research essays written by the staff members of the ESRI and others. It is designed to develop the general public's understanding of ESRI research works and solicit candid comments from the readers.

ESRI Discussion Paper

"Discussion Papers" are written by our economists and others for use as reference materials for ESRI staff. Although they are not official papers, we have made them available on the Website in order to promote future research.

New ESRI Working Paper

ESRI Research Note

Other Publications


The following are published at the National Printing Bureau : "Economic Analysis" No. 5 to No.169, "Economic Analysis -- Policy Research Series", "ERI research series" No.03 and after, "Economic Research", "National Economic Accounts Quarterly", and some of the research papers. For recent publications, please inquire at the Service Center for Government Publications .