ESRI Discussion Paper in 2021

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.359-No.366.
No.366 Do the Self-Employed Underreport Their Income? Evidence from Japanese Panel Data
Takeshi Niizeki and Junya Hamaaki  September, 2021
No.365 The Effect of Bank Recapitalization Policy on Credit Allocation and Corporate Investment: Evidence from a Banking Crisis in Japan
Hiroyuki Kasahara, Yasyuki Sawada, Michio Suzuki July, 2021
No.364 Inflation Expectations and Household Expenditure: Evidence from Pseudo-Panel Data in Japan
Takeshi Niizeki  July, 2021
No.363 Time to See a Doctor: Expenditure at Retirement in Japan
Kento Tango, Yoshiyuki Nakazono June, 2021
No.362 Moneyball Revisited: Some Counter-Evidence
Koji Yashiki, Yoshiyuki Nakazono  April, 2021
No.361* The impact of data management and organizational structure on AI utilization: Empirical analysis using JP-MOPS data
Satoshi Washio, Hidemichi Fujii, Akihiko Shinozaki March, 2021
No.360 A Behavioral Explanation for the Puzzling Persistence of the Aggregate Real Exchange Rate
Mario J. Crucini, Mototsugu Shintani, Takayuki Tsuruga March, 2021
No.359 Sectoral inflation persistence, market concentration and imperfect common knowledge
Ryo Kato, Tatsushi Okuda, Takayuki Tsuruga March 2021